Conflicting career choices and the fear of regret.

“The worth of Interpreting Plato” was deeply moving if not an eye opener, to not only me but to all those aspiring to be a part of that highly respected corporate ladder, teens like me who want to go to a reputed law school or university, for the money if not the high social value. Ever since middle school I have had conflicting notions on what my career should be. (Something the education system and its partner firms push us to think about at that tender age.) My deep rooted respect for writers and literature which keeps growing after all these years, is still lost behind the scenes for I, with no regret (yet) chose to start preparing for the law entrance exam in the early months of 11th grade. (Something to note; the choice was solely mine, a choice which is lost in most Indian households.)

Incentives were perhaps a big influence, but keeping that aside, the fascination and the fun preparing for the exam along with the excitement of going to a law school and becoming cultured (many a times a faux dogma) is overpowering my fascination for literature. For a person who thinks she would enjoy both the majors equally, the dilemma is of heavy consequence, for it has my future and happiness at stake.

Researching and reading has my heart, something I will have the privilege of indulging into, in both my desired future majors. The two will also bring me pleasure, and perhaps the satisfaction of fulfilling my teenage dreams that I am working toward. The piece, inspired from an op-ed column In The Indian Express, is framed in what if’s and a possible hindsight, for what will happen two years after, what would influence my choices and change my opinions, I cannot reflect on right now, rather with my average human powers I become anxious and conceptualize the odds against my aspirations.

-Written with full envy against those who have firm targets and anguish against a society that has made me believe that having firm goals is necessary.

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